Our mortgage loan procesS

STEP 1  

Where are you at today? Our Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO) will want to know: 

What is your current mortgage situation? 

What are your loan goals and objectives? 


Let’s review: 

  • Your assets 

  • Credit worthiness 

  • Income stability 


STEP 2   

Where would you like to be? 

We translate your mortgage needs into specific measurable goals and objectives to ensure you get the best loan with an excellent rate 


STEP 3  

Submit Application for Pre-qualification Assessment and Pre-Approval 


STEP 4  

Speak with our experienced Mortgage Loan Officer to review: 

  • Loan Details 

  • Full disclosure of potential fees and mortgage expenses 


STEP 5  

Upload and submit required documents using Rocket Pro Technology: 

  • 2 months’ bank statements 

  • 3 years’ employment history 

  • 3 recent paystubs 

  • 2 years’ IRS 1040 tax returns 

  • 2 years’ W2 


STEP 6  

We will order appraisal & place your loan in underwriting 


STEP 7  

Loan approval with some conditions 


STEP 8  

Loan processing and final approval 

Underwriting team will review the loan to verify all conditions are met, and upon completion, sets a closing date 


STEP 9  

Congratulations! On closing your loan! 

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